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Django-REST-framework serializer fields for compound types. Django-REST-framework provides the ability to deal with multiple objects using the many=True option on serializers. That allows for lists of objects and for fields to be lists of objects.

This package expands on that and provides fields allowing:

  • Lists of simple (non-object) types, described by other serializer fields.
  • Fields that allow values to be a list or individual item of some type.
  • Dictionaries of simple and object types.
  • Partial dictionaries which include keys specified in a list.

A quick example:

from drf_compound_fields.fields import DictField
from drf_compound_fields.fields import ListField
from drf_compound_fields.fields import ListOrItemField
from drf_compound_fields.fields import ListField
from rest_framework import serializers

class EmailContact(serializers.Serializer):
    email = serializers.EmailField()
    verified = serializers.BooleanField()

class UserProfile(serializers.Serializer):
    username = serializers.CharField()
    email_contacts = EmailContact(many=True)  # List of objects: possible with REST-framework alone
    # This is the new stuff:
    skills = ListField(serializers.CharField())  # E.g., ["javascript", "python", "ruby"]
    name = ListOrItemField(serializers.CharField())  # E.g., "Prince" or ["John", "Smith"]
    bookmarks = DictField(serializers.URLField())  # E.g., {"./": ""}
    measurements = PartialDictField(included_keys=['height', 'weight'], serializers.IntegerField())

See the usage for more information.

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